The  Vikes Golf Tour is a not-for-profit group committed primarily to helping youth, regardless of economic or social background reach their potential through the game of golf!

Since 2008 in partnership with the University of Victoria Department of Athletics, we’ve been both introducing beginners to the game and then giving them a place to play competitively, The Vikes Junior Tour. We are particularly proud of our Golf Fore The Girls program which encourages more young girls to play golf.

While the tournaments we host have a competitive aspect, competition has never been our only focus. We are committed to mentoring these youngsters in proper golf etiquette, respect for the traditions of the game, sportsmanship, and most of all citizenship.

The Tour is run by Jim Goddard, Cordova Bay’s Director of Golf along with a dedicated group of former junior golfers who want to provide young Victorians with the same opportunity to experience this great game that they were fortunate enough to play growing up.